Stony Brook Farm

Our Story

The Stony Brook Farm house and original barn were built in 1896. The barn was very close to the road and was replaced in 1955. This is the barn that currently houses our livestock. It had been used as a dairy barn for 28 Jersey cows until the 1980s. In the 1980’s the milk cows were replaced by beef cows.

We purchased the farm in 1990 and began raising dairy replacement heifers. We would purchase 3 day old calves and raise them through breeding when they were 2 years old. We would sell them to dairy farmers just before they "freshened" meaning they had their calves. We have had as many as 100 heifers at one time. We retired from this practice a few years ago because of falling farm prices.

We have diversified our farm into raising dairy goats. Some are sold as dairy replacement goats while we keep the rest and milk them to make goat milk soap. We custom raise pigs & turkeys in the spring and raise beef cows to produce young stock for other farms.

We offer family-friendly farm tours June to October.

We have moved our blacksmith and woodworking shop to make way for a 2 bedroom farm vacation rental cottage.

We are part of the Vermont move to save the small family farms.

Thank you for helping.

-Tom and Carole Younkman